Complete website redesign, social media management and advertising campaign management. Matt works closely with the owner, Mario DiManno, to continuously optimize the web experience for customers.

This project began during Matt’s time with Business Optimizer. Solano Mortgage was looking to upgrade their current website and make it easier for prospects to get in touch with them for their mortgage needs.

High Altitude Careers is a custom project Matt took on as a collaboration with a company in the cannabis space. It started in the Colorado market but has since then expanded to the California market and is soon to be in Oregon and Washington too.

This project came from a referral of the owner of Dogs of the Feather and consisted of a complete website redesign featuring on-site reservations. Since launching the site in early 2019 the online reservation system has accounted for a significant increase in revenue for the business.

It has been a pleasure working with Steve of Dogs of the Feather. He is a dog trainer located in Fairfield, CA and needed a new website that would allow dog owners to easily schedule appointments for dog training sessions.